Transparent LED

Create a screen in your window!
The Vision2Watch Transparent LED Screen is an innovation in advertising as it forms a unique way to use a high end LED display in a window. The glass-based design allows the light to pass through the glass. This screen has hardly any influence to the structure of the building. It is ultra-thin and ultra-light (8mm; 12kg/m2).

The transparent display can directly be mounted to the inside of the glass wall by special designed glue. This process of mounting the display to the window only takes 10 seconds.

High Transparency
The transparent design ensures a clear view for the viewer both in and out of building. The integrated LED lamp is invisible seen from outside which enable the building keep its stylish and elegant design. The transparency level of the screen is 60-80%.

High Brightness
With a brightness up to 6500 nit, the screen will always be visible, even in direct sunlight.

Compact Design and Light Weight
The LED panel with an 8mm thickness is especially designed for use in a window. Weighing only 12Kg/m², the design minimizes the load for the glass wall.

Saving Money
The transparent screen creates a vivid decoration and can play various advertisement; it saves other lights to light up the building.

Wide Application
The Transparent LED Screen can be applied wherever a glass wall is being used. Examples are commercial buildings, art centers, shopping malls, super markets, chain stores, etc.

Various Pitches
The Transparent LED comes in pitch sizes of 10, 16 and 20 mm.

No permits
For most outdoor LED applications, a special permit from the local government is required. As this screen is mounted on the inside of the building, such a permit is often not necessary.