LED Screens

What can a LED screen do for you?
Do you want to differentiate from your competitor? Are you looking for a way to send your message
to a wide audience? A LED screen can do this.

At Vision2Watch we believe in using various new technologies to increase the impact of the screen,
rather then just showing some videos and images. Examples of such technologies are creating
interactivity with the audience and Augmented Reality campaigns.

At Vision2Watch we believe in doing more than just displaying images and videos on the screen. Examples of added value we can deliver are interactive solutions such as Augmented Reality campaigns.

By using a LED screen combined with the Vision2Watch technologies, you can:
- Send your message to a wide audience
- Create interactive campaigns
- Create a buzz on internet
- Establish an image a technological progressive company
- Differentiate yourself
- Sell more advertisement space

Please have a look at the new transparent LED screen and be amazed!